Mobile Money Summit East Africa 2012

The second phase of Mobile Money boom in East Africa! Are you ready?

In its latest report on banking in East Africa, the European Intelligent Unit (EIU) a London based economic forecasting firm, projects asset base for the three East African countries: Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to hit $94 billion by 2020.

Much of Tanzania’s and Uganda’s financial boon, will stem from high rates of economic growth, financial deepening to fulfill huge unmet needs for basic financial services and new technologies to deliver the said financial services, in particular Mobile Money, whose total value in Africa is projected to exceed $200 billion by 2015, representing almost 8% of Africa’s nominal GDP. Indeed, this is another huge emerging Mobile Money market opportunity for all players within the mobile ecosystem.

Therefore, Mobile Money Summit East Africa 2012 has designed a comprehensive programme to lead you through the complexity of the latest challenges and preparations for leveraging on the East Africa’s second phase growth opportunity in Mobile Banking, Mobile Health and Mobile Agriculture.

The Summit will be held from the 7th to 9th November 2012 at the Mlimani City Conference Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and features two days of high quality conference streams on East Africa’s most innovative use of the mobile ecosystem services and applications, as well as workshops on cyber security and fraud and an exhibition, showcasing the latest developments and solutions in this rapidly evolving and dynamic marketplace.

You will hear from some of the most innovative and successful mobile lifeline services in East Africa, discussing convergence of Mobile Money: mBanking, mHealth and mAgriculture.  There will be demonstrations on how to ensure profitability of your mobile initiatives, new technologies and how best the single East African market can be tapped. The Summit is also a platform to network and share experiences in a world-class environment.

The Summit, run by a team of Mobile Banking, Mobile Health and Mobile Agriculture experts, will bring together key decision leaders from the private and public sectors throughout the East African Community countries. Accordingly, it’s a unique platform for technology industries and the wider ecosystems exhibitors, to showcase opportunities and progress for the broad mobile money ecosystem in East Africa.

For more information on the Mobile Money Summit East Africa 2012 including details on how to attend, exhibit or sponsor, please contact